Speculative Future Rituals 2020
Royal College of Art, London, UK

Speculative Future Rituals intends to inspire a reconfiguration of personal and societal values to foster closer emotional relationships with our environment and eventually lead to the transformation of cultural behaviours.

I believe that being can be more transformative than doing and that we can learn through feeling just as much as through knowing.

      Nanotourism Cusco – Peru 2019

AA School of Architecture, London, UK

Operating at the confluence between gastronomy and architecture as a new form of articulating and understanding a specific territory, this research is located in the heart of the Peruvian Andes at 4000 meters above sea level and  speculates on the role of tourism within the historic site of Moray and the newly established research centre. It will give an insight into local architectural and agricultural techniques, an understanding of nature and specific local materials, climates and ecosystems, as well as the broader Andean cosmology, where all natural elements and its cycles are intricately interwoven in a vertical way.

The Ritual and the Tree 2019
Royal College of Art, London, UK

The Ritual and the Tree establishes a contemporary rite through which practitioners immerse themselves in the natural world in a purposeful way.

At the intersection of design fiction, storytelling and ritual practice, the researchproject invites participants to deepen their sense of connection with the environment. By encouraging them to enter a more receptive state of mind,
the project facilitates participants’ ability to subsequently process scientific
information in a more meaningful way.

Time and Water 2017
Iceland Academy of the Arts, Reykjavík, IS

Constrained by social structures that put limits on how we spend our time, Time and Water is a statement of conscious intention.

The project comprises the act of contemplating time and emphasizes individual responsibility for making active decisions in daily life. It encourages an introspective pause from the system, a plunge into awareness of the very essence of being.

Physically translating the process of glacial rock abrasion into a process accessible on the human level plays on our understanding of the abstract concept of time. It opens a space for reflection on our relation to different time scales and thereby a reassessment of personal values.

Flatbökusamsteypan 2016
Iceland Academy of the Arts + University of Iceland, Reykjavík, IS

A collaboration between local artists, growers, and chefs to inspire people to be interested in, and educate themselves about, their food consumption habits. Flatbökusamsteypan–The Pizza Collective utilizes one of the most easily identified symbols of international cuisine—the pizza—as launching pad for discussion about consuming local food and products, and how that can benefit our society.

Embassy of the Arctic Ocean 2016
Iceland Academy of the Arts, Reykjavík, IS

This research project investigates the current  situation of the Arctic Ocean and proposes both, a materialised and conceptual approach for future protection and conservation.

Starting from the problem of ocean and beach pollution caused by drifting fishnets, the aim is to source the material and transform it into a valuable building material. By skipping the usually complicated and expensive processing steps of sorting plastic in categories and cleaning it for recycling, this new material embraces the natural pollution of the raw material and makes production much more effective and actually profitable. Embedding the environmental context such as sand, stones or shells, the material gains a texture that tells the story of its origin.

On another level the project  developes a conceptual approach in order to protect the ocean from prospective pollution, exploitation and other misuse by human activity.

Focusing on the Arctic Ocean and declaring it as a sovereign state in order to empower it to protect itself from the exploitation. It is about creating the elements needed to be perceived as a nation and allowing it to enter the political and economical negotiations.

The aim is to build embassies in each bordering country which facilitates the local community, designers, scientists, policy makers and other agents with a meeting place to learn, discuss and work on the issue.

Ethereal Nature 2015
Riga Technical University, Cēsis, LV

Arcadia is a pastoral paradise found only in poetic fantasy. It is always on our minds but just beyond our grasp. The aim was to access the imagination in order to transcend the realms of the natural, unnatural and supernatural.

By creating a series of delicate spatial structures we invite the spectator to get closer to their own personal Arcadia. Ethereal Nature is a collection of land art objects that plays with the physical properties of wind and water in the Pirtsupite Valley in Cēsis, Latvia. The wind installation lets one imagine a fleet of sailing ships sliding through the fog or reminds of the legend about flying lakes looking for a place to land.